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Ketamine West of Western Colorado Notice of Privacy

Notice Of Privacy:

Ketamine West Privacy Policy:
This notice describes Ketamine West's privacy practices concerning sharing of your personal health information.  Our focus is to protect your confidentiality in accordance with federal and Colorado state law. Your treatment records with Ketamine West are confidential and will be kept safe. However, Ketamine West may share your information without your prior authorization in the following situations:

  • In regards to your treatment, Ketamine West may share your health information to provide, manage, and coordinate your care, including sharing your information with medical providers within Ketamine West as well as providers outside of Ketamine West.  

  • Payment. Ketamine West may share personal information to collect payment for products and services provided by Ketamine West.

  • Health care operations and safety. Ketamine West may share your information for the purposes of health care operations, including but not limited to quality assessment and improvement, development of clinical guidelines, management and care coordination, review of provider competence, medical review, auditing, fraud detection, and business management. 

In addition to these purposes, you may wish to authorize release of your information to third-parties by completing and signing an authorization form, available per patient request. 

By signing this privacy policy in your intake form, you agree that Ketamine West may use or disclose your personal health information for the purposes of carrying out treatment, obtaining payment, and health care operations.

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