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Stryder Reilly Psychiatry: NP, Ketamine Specialist

Hi there, I hope you're well and let me start by saying if you're not that is ok because I am here for you. 
​My name is Stryder Reilly and I am a board certified psychiatric nurse practitioner with training in child, adolescent and adult psychiatry with an additional training in anesthesia where I learned the ins and outs of safe, efficient, and effect ketamine administration. I prescribe and manage psychiatric medications including ketamine treatments and other advanced treatments.  I have been in the field of medicine, anesthesia and psychiatry for over 10 years and I love what I do.

 I know what it's like to deal with depression since my early teens. I neglected my mental health for a longtime and  out of frustration, and necessity, I decided to take my own journey of asking for alternative treatments to treating depression, anxiety, mood disorders and addictions. During my journey, I relentlessly studied and asked many crucial questions about past and future treatments for mental health, which led 

me to more modern and advanced treatments like ketamine treatment therapies.

I understand how scary it can be to ask for help when you're struggling just to get out of bed and hoping things are going to be ok even though you feel like you're dying on the inside. I understand how frustrating it can be to trial lots of  different medications over the course of months only to experience awful side effects and still be in the same place as you started. You're unique and so is your mental health, so please don't be afraid to reach out. I would love to speak with you personally about your struggles and see how we can rapidly help you.


If you or a loved one is silently suffering please speak up. I would love to listen and help. 


In the mean time:

May you be well, may you be happy, may you be free from suffering