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Initial Treatment

Initial ketamine treatments are generally condensed into a 6-8 week period that is known as the loading phase. Initially, during the loading phase of treatment, you will receive a series of intramuscular injections (IM) in the soft part of your shoulder with a tiny needle. We have developed and fine tuned this series of injections based on your biochemical and transpersonal experiences.  Our primary goal is always  safety and rapidly relieving 



You will receive up to 2  injections per office visit for a total of 4 office visits  and a series of approximately injections that are spread out over the course of 4-6 weeks. This series of injections will continue to build on each other based on your biochemical and transpersonal response. We will also closely monitor your relief, safety, and tolerance to each dose. We have found this series of injections spread out to have the best outcomes for our clients. These injections will be spread out based on safety and tolerability with a goal of increasing your dose until symptoms are relieved with remission as the primary goal.

It has been clinically shown during the initial loading phase of treatment that serial IM injections (injections that are close together over 4-6 weeks) has the best clinical outcome and are more effective when one initially starts ketamine injection therapy. 

Maintenance Treatment

The majority of clients that do have a significant positive response to ketamine injections approximately (70%) may require maintenance (booster) injections that can vary greatly from client to client. Some clients requiring monthly maintenance injections while others can go much longer. The maintenance protocol truly varies based on the clients initial response to treatment with the primary goal of progressing into longer intervals of 3-6 months between maintenance/booster treatments or not needing the injections at all if remission is achieved. 

Ketamine Injection Prices

2   injection given  over the course of approximately 2 hours for a psychiatric condition or addiction is 

$400 total per office visit

This cost includes your initial assessment of psychiatric and medical conditions, an evaluation of your current medications, and the cost of the ketamine specialist to ensure a safe and effective series of ketamine injections that is tailored to you. 

Your office visit includes:

  • A consultation with a licensed ketamine specialist at each appointment to ensure we are optimizing your treatment plan and goals

  • 1.5 to 2 hrs of closely monitored in office time where the licensed specialist is administering and monitoring your vital signs, mentation, safety, and overall response to the ketamine therapy. 

  • Your first initial injection will typically start at a low to moderate dose to ensure safety and assess how you respond to the ketamine. your next injection will likely be increased to maximize your symptom relief

  • With your next office visit we will safely keep increasing your dose until we hit your target dose or you start to have a significant amount of symptom relief from whats been causing your suffering.

We are aware that, despite our goal to keep pricing as low as possible, it can still be challenging for many clients to be able to afford ketamine injections. Thus, our clients can be assured that we will closely monitor their response to treatment and recommend against any ongoing injections or treatments if the benefits are not readily apparent after your first 3 office visits.


Unfortunately, almost all insurance companies do not cover ketamine infusions at this time. However, you're more than welcome to apply for reimbursement yourself by out reaching your insurance company. Hopefully one day insurance companies will begin to recognize the magnitude and effectiveness ketamine treatments are having on so many lives and begin covering it for everyone.