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Initial Treatment

Initial ketamine treatments are generally condensed into a 6-8 week period that is known as the loading phase. Initially, during the loading phase of treatment, you will receive a series of intramuscular injections (IM) in the soft part of your shoulder with a tiny needle. We have developed and fine tuned this series of injections based on thousands of injections and client feedback.  Our primary goal is always  safety and rapidly relieving 



You will receive up to 2  injections per office visit for a total of 4-6 office visits  and a series of approximately 8-12 injections that are spread out over the course of 4-6 weeks. This series of injections will continue to build on each other based on your biochemical and transpersonal response. We will also closely monitor your relief, safety, and tolerance to each dose. We have found this series of injections spread out to have the best outcomes for our clients with relief as our primary goal.

It has been clinically shown during the initial loading phase of treatment that serial IM injections (injections that are close together over 4-6 weeks) has the best clinical outcome and are more effective when one initially starts ketamine injection therapy. 

Maintenance Treatment

The majority of clients that do have a significant positive response to ketamine injections approximately (70-80%) may require maintenance (booster) injections that can vary greatly from client to client. Some clients requiring monthly maintenance injections while others can go much longer. The maintenance protocol truly varies based on the clients initial response to treatment with the primary goal of progressing into longer intervals between maintenance/booster treatments or not needing the injections at all if remission is achieved. 

Ketamine Injection Prices

2   injection given  over the course of approximately 1.5hrs for a psychiatric condition is 

$400 total per office visit 

Your office visit includes:

  • A consultation with a licensed ketamine specialist at each appointment to ensure we are optimizing your treatment plan and goals

  • 1.5hrs of closely monitored in office time where the licensed specialist is administering and monitoring your vital signs, mentation, safety, and overall response to the ketamine therapy. 

  • Your first initial injection will typically start at a low to moderate dose to ensure safety and assess how you respond to the ketamine. your next injections will likely be increased to maximize your symptom relief based on your initial response. 


  •  State Medicaid:  Currently, we're only taking Colorado state Medicaid for insurance as they're willing to cover the treatments at 100% of the cost unlike the Rocky Mountain Health Prime Plan, who refuse to cover any of the treatments despite our best efforts to work with them.

  • Before booking, please text us your full name and date of birth to our secure line at  970 427 4400 and we can quickly check what Medicaid plan you're on and how to proceed if you are on the Prime plan!


  •  If you are on the prime plan you can opt out by following the steps below in black writing!

  • Private Insurance: Sadly, we attempted to work with quite a few commercial insurers but unfortunately it often resulted in claim denials and countless hours on the phone so we can only work with state Medicaid at this time.

Please do not attempt to sign up with any other insurance than Colorado state Medicaid or we will have to cancel your appointment immediately 

  • Sadly, Rocky Mountain Health Plans Prime (Most of Western Colorado Medicaid) is unwilling to cover ketamine treatments despite our best and numerous efforts to work with them

  • However, you can opt out of the prime plan like most of our clients already have and get on state Medicaid by calling enrollment services for Mediciad by following these steps:

1. Call 888 367 6557 and press 1 (if the 888 number does not work try: 303 839 2120)

2. Give them your current RMHP Prime Policy # which is a letter followed by 6 numbers. 

3.  tell them you want to opt out of the Prime but stay on the Rocky Mountain Health Plan region one just not the prime plan!

4. If they tell you that you're past your 90 day open enrollment and have to wait tell the new year tell them per their policy on  "Good Cause"  that you would like to opt out due to:

  • The Prime Plan does not cover  ketamine treatments that are necessary for your mental health

  • you can't find any other provider who will see you for ketamine treatments using your  prime plan

5.  They should allow you to opt out of prime by the 1st of the next month. If not, try calling back and talking to a different agent and be persistent or ask for their supervisor.

6. Lastly, you will need to choose your same PCP or have them find you a random PCP/provider in your region which is region 1

7. Once you're opted out of the prime plan it should change over to simply being state medicaid under the rocky mountain health plan. Your plan should change from prime to  regular RMHP on the 1st day of the coming month and hopefully get ketamine fully covered!



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