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Restoring Lives With Ketamine Therapy
~Now Taking Colorado Medicaid


Ketamine West is a specialty wellness clinic for healing life's tragedies
 with one primary goal of safely and rapidly relieving you or your loved ones

Many people do not understand ketamine is a extremely rapid acting & powerful treatment that is very effective in treating trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, addiction, sleep issues and a variety of other symptoms.

Despite its strong safety profile with teens and adults there can be some fear for those who don't yet understand ketamine 

We often fear what we don't yet understand

Ketamine is a revolutionary medicine with a strong safety profile in teens & adults due to its ability to preserve & protects your blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory drive unlike other sedating medicines.


 Ketamine is radically different compared to traditional psychiatric medications like SSRIs (antidepressants)
SSRIs were not intended to help us connect with ourselves or others
but designed to help you
not mind feeling disconnected.

Ketamine is more than just a  rapid acting treatment. It's a profoundly transformational & transpersonal (beyond ego) mind opening experience that is often very healing and spiritual to our clients

Ketamine is radically different  and works rapidly by rewiring and restoring worn down and disconnected neuronal pathways in the brain so you can reconnect with what matters the most to you 


Biochemical Aspect of Ketamine 

The Biochemical aspect of ketamine helps rapidly rewire damaged neurons on a completely different neuronal pathway compared to SSRIs. Sadly, SSRIs only have about a 36% chance of being helpful and take 4-6 weeks to find out if they will be beneficial. Ketamine works within days or often hours on a completely different system in your brain called the glutamate system.

As many as 90% of the neurons in your brain use the glutamate system.

Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, and addiction overstimulate this system and can cause it to go haywire. Ketamine dramatically helps rewire and restore damaged neurons so you can start to fire on these new and improved pathways




Change your view


change your life

Transpersonal Aspect of Ketamine 

The Transpersonal  aspect of ketamine is a supreme state of consciousness that is often mind opening and transcends the limited view of every day ego identity.
Ego identity often keeps you stuck in the past or constantly worried about the future. Ketamine is a rapid acting and strong catalyst for having a transpersonal experience. A transpersonal experience can help breakdown the ego identity and deconstruct that exhausting narrative full of half truths and lies the ego continues to feed you.

 We believe the transpersonal  experience is a crucial part of your journey home to insight, clarity, & discovering your higher

 Many people consider this experience to be the turning point on their journey to restoring and reconnecting with themselves while letting go of their past


Relieving major mental health conditions such as major depression, treatment resistant depression (TRD), anxiety disorders, bipolar depression, addiction, and PTSD can often take months or even years of frustration with various treatments and a growing medication list

Ketamine Injection therapy can often relieve these symptoms within days or even hours
IM ketamine injections and can have rapid and lasting antidepressant & anti-anxiety effects that can be felt within hours of your first Injection.




Ketamine works fast and has clinically been shown to rapidly reduce  and relieve up to 70-80%  of clients suffering from treatment resistant depression, Trauma & PTSD, Bipolar Depression, Anxiety & OCD, while rapidly relieving suicidal ideation

Ketamine Injection therapy can work within days or even hours of the first Injection and treatments can last weeks to months after completing a series of recommended treatments. Ketamine does not have all the unwanted side effects often seen in psychiatric medications like weight gain, feeling numb to your emotions & disconnected or sexual side effects

Ketamine can rapidly reduce depression and help restore hope and a sense of connection when all else feels lost and many other treatments such as prescription medications, talk therapy, or even ECT or TMS have been exhausted and often failed. 

Ketamine can help repair damaged brain synapses caused by chronic depression, anxiety, inflammation, or stress. Ketamine is a powerful anti-inflammatory  component that creates new and healthier synapses (neuroplasticity) in order to get you back to feeling happy, healthy and free from old behaviors and patterns of living. 

Critics said don't take these medicines because they will change your life forever...thats the goal

How long until I notice relief from my symptoms?

Many clients have reported feeling relief within several days and sometimes hours after completion of their first Injection. Often, this shows up in form and function such as smiling and laughing, listening to music again, less isolating
and feeling more social and connected to themselves and others.  Completing a series of ketamine treatments helps the brain heal and rewire (neuroplasticity) as the brain continues to fire on new and healthier neuronal pathways as the treatment progresses.

How long can I expect the results of ketamine to last?

Research has shown ketamine can help you start to build new and healthier neuronal pathways, which makes you more resilient to depression, anxiety, trauma, and addiction. Ketamine can help you feel happier, healthier, and get you optimally functioning again. For some clients, this can last for months but it is truly unique to each individual and the severity of their depression and other health issues. Other clients will need to return for maintenance (booster) Injections every month or so if their symptoms are more severe. However, some clients may go 3-6 months  without needing another booster. It's hard to predict until our clients start their treatments and we can gauge their response to the initial stabilization phase of treatment.  What you can expect is we will create and tailor a safe treatment plan for you  that has  one primary objective:
to relieve your suffering

Please visit our FAQs page for more information about how ketamine Injections can rapidly help you

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