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How Integrative Psychiatry Can Help You:


Traditional psychiatry often focus on treating the symptoms but  often falls short of the cause of your symptoms. Thus, never fully treating the whole of what makes you and your experiences unique to you, which is more like putting a band-aid over your personal suffering and pains in hopes of masking your symptoms. This can leave individuals feeling numb and hopeless. 

Integrative psychiatry can incorporate conventional psychiatry such as medications, when necessary, but also explores complementary and alternative treatments like natural supplements, diet, exercise, the mind-body connection, stress reduction, and values you as a unique individual with an emphasis on you as a whole and not just a  symptom.  We practice integrative and holistic psychiatry to assess and treat the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual causes of psychiatric issues. Integrative Psychiatry gets into the root cause of these symptoms to help relieve you or your loved one's suffering. You as a whole consist of mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, environmental, social factors that all equally play a role in your well being

By working together, we can explore what optimal mental health looks like for you based on your unique journey through life.

Our Specialities


There's a lot that goes into your child's well being and your child deserves the best care. I work with:

  • Angry & defiant kids

  • Kids that can't focus

  • Sad kids

  • Frightened and timid kids

  • Children that have dealt with trauma

  • Trouble falling and staying asleep

  • Trouble with social interactions

  • Bullying and school issues

  • Body issues and perception

  • Developmental Issues


There's more pressure than ever in our society where we are expected to manage a career, family, social life and keep are marriages together. I work with:

  • Parents that feel overwhelmed

  • Depression & Anxiety

  • Trauma & PTSD

  • Mania & Psychosis

  • Stay at home mothers & fathers

  • Feelings of Hopelessness & Helplessness

  • Addiction / Substance Abuse

  • Feeling like you don't have a sense of purpose

  • Feeling disconnected or numb

Traditional & Alternative Medicine

Lets be honest,  your mental health is unique to you and deserves a unique treatment plan that is tailored to your mental and physical well being. This may include:

  • Psychiatric Medications

  • Mood Stabalizers

  • Antidepressants

  • Anti Anxiety

  • Anti Psychotics

  • CBD

  • Rhodiola

  • Mucuna Puriens

  • Vitamin D deficiencies

  • B Complex deficiencies

  • Electrolyte deficiencies 

  • Magnesium deficiencies 

CBD Consulting

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural occuring compound found in hemp plant, which has countless health benefits. However, unlike the marijuana plant, CBD does not get you high or stoned and has  no

psychoactive properties in it and may help with:

  • Insomnia

  • Anxiety

  • Inflammation

  • Irritability

  • Mood Issues

  • Swelling and Pain

  • Migraines & Headaches

  • Chronic Stress and Fatigue

  • Feeling calm and collected

How it works

Integrative Evaluation

Receive a integrative Psychiatric evaluation that focuses on:

  • Getting to the root cause of your health needs​

  • assessing the need for medications or health supplements

  • Creating a focused treatment plan for you


Assessing your level of well being is crucial to creating a treatment plan

  • Career/Life Satisfaction

  • Physical Health

  • Nutritional Health

  • Social Networks

  • Mind-Body Connection

  • Finding your sense of purpose

Medications & Supplements

If Indicated, there are medications and supplements that can help optimize your well being and address imbalances such

  • Chemical Imbalances

  • Inflammation

  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

  • Dietary Imbalances


Without a Solid Treatment Plan its hard to know what direction to go in. Working together we can formulate, implement and achieve a treatment plan that is specific to you or your loved ones well being.